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Exemptions from University Web Style

Exemptions from University Web Style

Tha majority of University website builds should still follow the University web style. However, web pages that are not strictly part of a University Department, Centre, Office or Institute are exempt from following the "University Web Style", although they may still use the style should they wish to.

Website builds which opt not to follow the style are obliged to follow the guidelines on this page.

Please Note: Where the web pages are to be housed on University servers, the site must be built using web techologies currently supported by the Information Services. If clarification is required please contact in the first instance.

Criteria for Exemption

The following can claim exemption from the University style. (Further clarification can be given by contacting the Web Author at

  • Commercial enterprises with University links
  • Special initiatives/projects that have University affiliation
  • Research projects including project partnerships with other Universities

If it has been established that the website is exempt from The University Web Style guidelines there are 3 main options:

  1. Build in the University Web Style anyway
  2. Build using a "Banner" Template
  3. Build incorporating guidelines at the bottom of this page


The "Banner" Template

In circumstances where the University Web Style is not chosen a simple "banner" template is available and recommended for use. This should be included at the top of the web page. To give design flexibility there are four different colours of banner as shown below:

Download a Zipped Version of the Banner

You can download a "zipped" version of each of these pages below. Once you unzip the file you can then use it as a "template" from which to build your research project site. (The advantage to downloading and unzipping this version is that essential references to the web server will be kept intact and your resulting pages will "work" on the web server.)

Please Note: these pages have a .php extension and therefore need to be housed on a php enabled web server. All pages must retain the .php naming convention to work.

Customizing the Banner

Where the site is not being hosted by the University but is rather being hosted by another institution whose servers do not support PHP, or where you need to include logos of partner institutions in the banner, then you can download the page by following the links below. (Save them by selecting File - Save As in your browser) and customize them accordingly.

Please note: This level of customization should be carried out by expert users only. The advice given below is of a general nature and implies a good understanding and knowledge of HTML to achieve it.

Customization Checkpoints

Once you have downloaded the page you want to customize, you should ensure that there is still a link to the relevant stylesheet with the following relevant code. (There is every possibility that the save process will have changed the stylesheet reference.) Change them to the ones below depending on colour.

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

White (notice the reference is for "grey")
<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

Also if you are using a php server then you should include a stylesheet reference to style the "Logon Status" bar -

Logon Status
<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

Logon Status Bar

You'll notice some code for the logon status. This should be removed as the save process will render it incorrect.

If you are using a PHP server you can reinstate the code by using the following include statement immediately below the banner. This is a security measure to prompt users who are logged on that they ensure that they log off before leaving their computer.

<script language="php">
include ""

Customizing the Logo

Partner institutions can have their logo added beside the University of Stirling logo on the banner. (See below)

Ensure that customized files are referenced properly from the page you are customizing or it will not work.

Also, ensure that there is an exclusion zone of at least one centimetre or 29 pixels between the left or right of the University logo and any other graphical image or text.


Once the banner is in place at the top of the page the web page designer can input appropriate content underneath.

Web Editors Must Ensure:

  • That there is a prominent hyperlink to the "University Homepage" so that users may navigate to the main University website
  • That there are clear links to relevant "partner" University Departments
  • That there are clear reciprocal links from "partner" Departments to the website
  • That there are clear contact details published on the front page of the website
  • That where neither the University Web Style of the Banner Research Template Style are used that the University logo is positioned top left on the page with dimensions of no less than 162 pixels (W) x 55 pixels (H), Alt text which states "The University of Stirling Logo - Click to visit the University homepage", and a link to the University homepage -
  • That web pages are compliant to HTML 4.01 Transitional standard (see
  • That pages are as accessible as possible for people with disabilities. For more information on accessibility visit
  • That, where the web pages are to be housed on University servers, the site is built using web techologies currently supported by the Information Services. If clarification is required please contact in the first instance.