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Dreamweaver Build Tutorial

Dreamweaver Guidance

The University webstyle is available to site administrators to build in using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. Please see the links below for downloading an initial site structure and for taking a tutorial in how to build in the style.

Building in the University Web Style

Word icon Chapter 1 - Introduction to the Web Build Process
  Deciding the Website Structure | The Schema of the Left and Right Hand Navigation | Downloading the Zip File of the Site Structure | Tour of the Downloaded Site Structure
Word icon Postgraduate Study Powerpoint Website Structure

Word icon Chapter 2 - Making Initial Changes to the Template
  Unzipping the Example Site | Changing the Website Title on the Templates | Changing PHP "includes" for the Left and Right Hand Navigation

Word icon Chapter 3- Editing the Left Hand Navigation
  Creating New Files and Folders in the Site | Changing Page Titling| Creating Links from the Left Hand Navigation to Newly created Files and Folders

Word icon Chapter 4 - Editing the Right Hand Navigation
  Making a New Right Hand Navigation | Changing the PHP "includes" for the Right Hand Navigation | Creating New Files and Folders for the Right Navigation to Link to | Adapting the Heading 2 Title to Correspond with the Link on the Right Navigation

Word icon Chapter 5 - Changing a Page from a 3 to 2 Column Template
  Editing the Template Reference Using Notepad | Updating Pages from the Changed Template | Fixing Inconsistent Region Names

Word icon Chapter 6 - Changing the Colour of the Site (changing the stylesheet)
  Background in How the Templates Use the Stylesheets | Adapting the Stylesheet Reference in the Template

Word icon Chapter 7 - Changing the Banner
  Description of the Banner | Changing the Code in the Templates which Pulls in the Banner

Word icon Chapter 8 - Customizing Template Images
  Description of the Images | Where they are Stored | Image Dimensions

Word icon Chapter 9 - "Synchronizing" the Website
  The Importance of Synchronization | Using Dreamweaver's Site Files Window | The Synchronization Process